Dish Garden Proper Care & Maintenance

Dish gardens are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to bring a bit of nature indoors. These contained gardens can be a lovely addition to any home, but they require some special care and attention to thrive. Dish gardens are typically planted in pots or containers that do not have drainage holes. This means that you must be careful not to overwater your plants, as the excess water will have nowhere to go and can quickly lead to root rot. It is important to check the moisture level of your plants regularly, and only water when the soil is dry to the touch. In addition, dish gardens need bright, indirect light to flourish. Too much direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, so it is best to place your garden in a location that receives bright light but is not in direct sun. With a little care and attention, your dish garden will be a beautiful and low-maintenance addition to your home.

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